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Schools stretched thin to provide kids with Back-to-School supplies

Trapper Keepers, pencils, scissors and other traditional school supplies might be left on the shelves this fall. A new study from Deloitte  shows parents will spend less on the basics this year.  (Photo courtesy KSL-TV.)

OGDEN, Utah– As if there isn’t enough change happening. Another thing that is different this year as kids return to school is school supplies. In the past kids could share a box of crayons or scissors, but this year each student needs to have their own supplies to avoid spreading germs. 

“Under the current conditions, a lot of the resources – classroom supplies – that could or normally would be shared among students isn’t a possibility at the moment,” said Rich Nye, Ogden School District Superintendent.

In many cases, parents will just add the items their children need to their back-to-school shopping lists, but for those in need, any extra items for school can be difficult to supply. School districts are trying to fill the gaps and they are asking for donations. 

“We need extra supplies, so each child can have their own,” Nye said. “Think box of crayons, think rulers, think classroom scissors, things like that.”

Each student will be provided with two masks, but they inevitably will get lost, ruined, or wear out. The school districts would also appreciate mask donations as well.