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Wendover Fire
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Wendover fire officials blame arson for early morning UDOT structure fire

Wendover Fire officials say they believe an early morning fire that destroyed one UDOT employee building and severely damaged another was deliberately set by another tenet. (Sean Moody KSLTV)

WENDOVER, Utah — An early morning fire consumed one building and severely damaged another at a Utah Department of Transportation facility in Wendover on Wednesday.

Arson in Wendover

Fire crews responded to a call of a fire around 3:15 a.m. at a UDOT employee compound near at 1819 Frontage Road. 

Wendover Public Safety Director Ken Quirk says one of the trailers burned to the frame and they were working into the late morning to extinguish the remaining flames in another.


Investigators believe the fire was intentionally set and say one suspect is still at large. 

“We’ve had multiple issues with one of the tenants out here,” says Quirk. “This kind of piggy backs the investigation we have right now with the police department fire marshal.”