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Calming COVID-19 anxiety as kids go back to class

(Photo: KSL NewsRadio)

SALT LAKE CITY – Most children have a very low risk of getting a serious case of COVID-19. But a new survey from Deloitte says 66% of parents are still having some anxiety about sending their kids back to the classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Child psychologists say they’re also seeing kids getting worried about being on campus again

However, there are things both children and parents can do to calm their anxieties. 

Joe Newman with Life Launch Centers says nervousness, especially now, is normal. 

“Like with wearing masks or there’s plastic barriers that they haven’t been used to, just having those things around you are naturally going to raise your anxiousness,” Newman says. “But when we let those emotions overcome us, it stops us from participating. It may be blowing the risk out of proportion.” 

One way everyone can fight their anxiety is by talking about their fears. 

“When you speak it out loud or even write it down and look at it objectively, or share it with a friend, then you quickly realize how much of this is fact versus how much of this is just the story in my head,” Newman says. 

Breathing exercises are another good way kids can calm themselves. 

“Taking a few deep breaths and counting while you breathe is very, very helpful,” Newman says. 

Newman also recommends people give themselves a hug. 

He also thinks it’s important to remember the benefits of kids going to class, especially when they can reconnect with friends. 

“Where we look each other in the eye and have deep, meaningful conversations. Humans need that. Those real connections are why it’s so important that we get back together in person at school,” Newman says.