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Cheetos Mac 'n Cheese
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Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese heading to stores this weekend

Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese delivers the same bold and intense flavor experience of regular Cheetos and comes in three varieties: Bold & Cheesy, Flamin’ Hot and Cheesy Jalapeño. (PRNewsfoto/Cheetos)

Cheetos announced on Thursday that they’re entering the Mac ‘n Cheese business this weekend. 

Frito-Lay the company behind the cheesy corn puff snack said there will be three flavors:  Bold & Cheesy, Flamin’ Hot and Cheesy Jalapeño. Rest assured, Chester the Cheetah said Cheetos seasons the corkscrew pasta noodles with “authentic Cheetos cheesiness.”

“We’ve seen incredible culinary creativity from our Cheetos fans through the years, taking our product and using as an actual ingredient in recipes — whether at restaurants, or now more than ever, at home,” said Rachel Ferdinando, SVP, CMO Frito-Lay North America. “Cheetos Mac ‘n Cheese borrows that culinary inspiration to provide a mischievous mashup of an ordinary fan favorite. We’re putting our orange-dusted fingerprints on an at-home staple at a time when home mealtime occasions are on the rise.”

Quaker Foods North America marketing officer Kristin Kroepfl said their team had been working with those from Frito-Lay (both companies owned by PepsiCo) since January on the mac ‘n cheese product.

Kroepfl said the idea came from the “Cheetos cult” a collection of die-hard Cheetos fans known for posting and sharing their unique recipes online.

“Recipe searches for Cheetos are up 192% year on year,” Kroepfl said. “We embraced that insight.”

The brand says you should start seeing their Mac ‘n Cheese starting Saturday at Walmart, then at other retailers nationwide next year.

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