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VIDEO: Underground Provo party draws criticism

The organizers of an "Underground Dance Party" in Provo have drawn criticism after video shows little social distancing or mask wearing. However, the county health department says it was technically legal. (Screenshot | IG @youngdumbofficial

PROVO, Utah — Party score: “Young/Dumb: 1 – Karens: 0”

That’s the way that the Provo-based party company Young/Dumb described their Friday night Underground dance party held at a small venue near University Avenue and 300 South, just a block away from the Utah County Health Department. 

The party came after organizers said their earlier plans for a dance party were canceled due to the virus. 

“Due to the health & welfare of the owners of the mansion and the reality of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel the August 7th Mansion Dance Party. However due to us not being little [expletive removed] we are replacing it with THE UNDERGROUND DANCE PARTY,” organizers posted on social media. 


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Organizers promised mocktails, energy drinks, water and, “hella attractive people!!”

Co-founder of Young/Dumb Kwaku El agreed to speak to KSL’s Dave and Dujanovic on Tuesday, but he did not appear for the interview.

Videos posted to the company’s Instagram feed show a crowded venue with many in close quarters and few, if any, masks.



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Young/Dumb: 1 – Karens: 0

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Those who were in attendance were told before to make sure they came early because attendance would be limited due to COVID-19 concerns. They were also asked to wear face masks and practice social distancing but, as BYU’s Daily Universe reports, neither regulation was enforced.

Currently, Utah County falls under the state’s “Yellow” or low-risk phase. Here, state guidelines do allow for entertainment events to take place so long as event organizers can ensure, “Physical distancing is promoted and maintained… Face coverings are worn by individuals when physical distancing is not feasible… [and] extra hygiene and sanitization practices are in place.”

The party drew criticism from many online.