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Daybreak community signs
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Daybreak community apologized for notices to remove BLM signs

(Photo Credit: Dan Carlson)

DAYBREAK, Utah- The Daybreak community apologized for leaving notices asking residents to remove their Black Lives Matter signs.

Daybreak community signs

The notice left for eight Daybreak homes indicated “other” as the reason why their Black Lives Matter signs should be removed. (Photo Credit: Dan Carlson)

They posted a statement apologizing for the misunderstanding on their Facebook page

“Thank you for your concerns and calls regarding the courtesy notice signage tags that were placed on eight resident doors this afternoon,” the Daybreak Community Association wrote. “Please understand that these tags were placed in error. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience and misunderstandings this may have caused.”

The apology came after Dan Carlson,  a professor at the University of Utah, posted a photo of his notice to his Twitter account. 


AP News reported Carlson has lived there since 2016 and has never been aware of another instance where the association has attempted to remove political yard signs. 

One commenter on the Daybreak Community Association Facebook post wrote, “I appreciate the update but this was a pretty grievous error. I would like to know how the signage tag decision-making and distribution process are going to be improved going forward.”

The association responded: “The team member was issuing courtesy notices for signage violations (homes with more than the allotted two signs, size, signs in park strips, etc.) and mistakenly issued a small number outside of this scope. We have put a temporary hold on signage violations for the rest of the day until we reconvene with the team in the morning and set clear direction. Again, we apologize for the error.”

Another commenter said, “I am glad to hear it but multiple residents were told when they called that it [the removal of BLM signs] was an idea that was being floated by the board. Is that true?” 

Daybreak Community Association refuted the idea that the board discussed or considered that possibility. 

“These were issued in error and there are nothing being floated by the Board that we are aware of. Again, thank you for your understanding,” they wrote.