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High School Basketball Season
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A High School Basketball Season in a Pandemic? Get Ready for Another Exciting Sports Season at Wasatch Academy

Photo: Wasatch Academy

This article about this year’s high school basketball season at Wasatch Academy is sponsored by Wasatch Academy.

This year, most schools, districts, and state athletic associations are canceling sports due to the pandemic. And both parents and student-athletes incredibly disappointed. Luckily, Wasatch Academy’s Basketball Program is protected due to the nature of their boarding school model. Plus, they have nationally-recognized coaches and training facilities for any basketball player to attend this year. That means your basketball playing student still has the ability to develop into a much better player now for post-pandemic play later at their local high school. And they’ll still have the highest exposure to college coaches.

While most schools have shifted to promote virtual learning and social distancing, there is no virtual replacement for team sports. If you’re wondering where you can still play high school sports during COVID, look no further. Here’s what to expect for the upcoming season:

Another Great Year for Sports is in the Forecast

With their cutting edge facilities and expert coaches, Wasatch Academy’s student-athletes learn the values of teamwork, cooperation, and healthy competition. 

Wasatch Academy’s athletics department, especially it’s basketball program, is nationally recognized. With more than 20 men’s and women’s’ varsity teams, they are top-ranked in both the state and the nation. They offer programs both indoors and outdoors. And they have centers for soccer, skateboarding, swimming, and of course basketball. And they have access to the latest sports technology and gym equipment to develop athletes at the highest level.

Balancing School Work and a Nationally Ranked Basketball Program

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The teams at Wasatch Academy range from national, varsity, junior varsity, sophomore, freshman, and even to middle-school levels. And the basketball program provides one of the nation’s most effective training environments. The focus is on academics as much as success on the basketball court. All student-athletes have individualized development goals that focus on position-specific instruction, player evaluations, and a rigorous competition schedule. The basketball program is an advanced program for grades 7-12 that prepares student-athletes for great college placement and a career in basketball. And it’s for both day and boarding students.

High School Basketball Season

Wasatch Academy Basketball is one of the oldest high school basketball programs in the nation, and they have the national rankings to back up their reputation. In 2020, Paul Peterson continued the Wasatch Academy Basketball legacy after serving as David Evan’s Associate Head Coach for two of the most successful seasons in the program’s 109-year history. Their tradition of quality coaching and staff brings strength to this year’s schedule to provide support for their student-athletes pursued by the best university basketball teams. 

In addition to a consensus Top 3 national ranking out of more than 40,000 high school programs, Wasatch Academy Basketball finished the 2019-20 season with a second seed out of Top 8 at the 2020 GEICO Nationals in New York City. But COVID-19 fears postponed the tournament. That won’t stop them from preparing for the upcoming season with vigor and strength. 

There is simply no other program like Wasatch Academy’s. And they look forward to getting back on the court. Once a Tiger, always a Tiger.

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