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Drivers: back to school means time to obey rules in school zones

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s been a few months since school buses and school zones have been active. So it’s a good time for drivers to brush up on their driving skills as they share the roads with students and buses again. 

Drivers have the responsibility to follow the rules of the road to make sure kids are safe, according to local police departments. 

The flashing lights in school zones are back on, so drivers should give themselves extra time to get where they’re going during school hours. Research shows you are more likely to make a mistake as a driver if you are in a hurry. 

Drivers need to watch out for crossing guards, school zones and school buses. 

Never make a U-Turn, pass or change lanes when you are in a school zone. 

It’s the law to stop for school buses; the only exception is divided highways. 

If you are picking up or dropping off kids make sure you understand the drop-off and pick-up routine for your school. 

If your students are walking to school it’s a good idea to walk the route with them and point out things they need to watch out for on their way to school, such as proper places to cross roads or dealing with a busy intersection. Teach them they have a responsibility to keep themselves safe as well. 

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