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Davis School District hybrid online schools
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Parents plan sit-in for first day of classes at Davis School District

FILE- Davis County School District headquarters. Photo: KSLTV

FARMINGTON, Utah — Corinne Johnson was already upset about the hybrid classes the Davis School District board approved for Fall 2020. Then she got an email from Sunset Junior High School saying their school would not hold online classes on August 25th. 

However, she said the email clarified that kids on campus would receive instruction.

Johnson was furious, but other parents expressed similar frustrations. 

“The emails to the parents are stating that there won’t be any learning at all that day, and the kids just get an extra free day of summer. As a parent, I look at this and go, my kids have been out of school since March 13th. The last thing they want is more summer,” Johnson said. 

That’s why she and other parents are organizing a sit-in protest outside district offices on August 25th, which is supposed to be the first day of classes. 

She is optimistic they can get someone from the district to answer their questions. 

“We really hope there will be some people there who can give us some idea of what it is we are supposed to be doing,” Johnson said. 

Johnson is also part of the Facebook group “DSD Parents Focused on Getting Schools Back to Five Days a Week”, which has been pushing the district to hold all classes on campus. 

Many members of the group are also expected to be at Tuesday’s sit-in and rally for all on campus instruction as other districts are doing. 

“Are they really valuing the education for our kids? Because if they truly were, then our kids would be getting true education that day in a physical classroom. Not a guesstimate…of some kids will have learning and some kids won’t,” Johnson said. 

Davis School District board members have said they approved a hybrid schedule to start the school year, with some classes are held on campus and others online, to protect the health and safety of teachers.  

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