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Virtual study groups, website hopes to connect students

Back to school (Jordan School District)

SALT LAKE CITY — As students head back to school for an unusual year one company is hoping to help students connect in virtual study groups as they learn while staying socially distanced.

Patrick Quinn, of says the goal of their site is to help bring back some of the connections that students are used to. That way, students connect with each other as they learn and not need to rely on mom or dad to try and fill the teaching gap they may be experiencing. 

Help for students and parents

“It solidifies a social component of it, and it gets the kids back to having more of a classroom setting, or, really, a study group session is what really the feel is,” said Quinn told KSLTV.

Quinn says this service allows for students to work together in virtual study groups that allow them to learn from each other.

He also suggests parents talk with their students about how the year may not be what they are used to, but that there are still things to look forward to. 

For example, although Brainly is a virtual experience, Quinn says he hopes it will bring students together in a meaningful way that will help students socially and academically. 

Quinn says that the whole service is used by students in 35 countries and is free. There are a variety of topics ranging from math, history, foreign language, as well as SAT’s and AP courses. 


More tips from Quinn

Quinn says that this year is going to be a different one for everyone and will affect parents, teachers and students differently, so he offered a few tips to tackle the new school year and get things started on the right foot.

  • prepare mentally
  • get ready for disappointments
  • set up an education command center
  • make mask-wearing fun
  • set a sleep routine