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Salt Lake Count non-profits domestic violence victims
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Salt Lake County giving $220,000 to non-profits helping domestic violence victims

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson announces $220,000 in federal money will go to two organizations helping domestic violence victims. Domestic violence calls have spiked locally since the pandemic started. (Photo: Kelli Pierce)

WEST JORDAN, Utah – Salt Lake County is giving $220,000 in federal relief money to two non-profits who help domestic violence victims. 

Salt Lake County Mayor Jenny Wilson made the announcement during a news conference at West Jordan City Hall on Wednesday. 

She said it’s been difficult for domestic violence victims since the COVID-19 pandemic started. 

“We see 21% more domestic violence cases handled by Salt Lake County prosecutors. We’re seeing 25% more calls to the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition, and we’re seeing nearly 30% more in calls to our local public safety dispatchers,” Wilson said. 

South Valley Services and the YWCA are the two organizations receiving those extra federal funds. 

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The money will go towards keeping staff and keeping those places clean. 

South Valley Services Executive Director Jennifer Campbell said they also want to make sure domestic violence victims are getting rental assistance. 

“Victims face many barriers [to leaving their abuser], such as unemployment, lack of affordable housing, lack of living wage jobs, transportation, and childcare options. Many victims are then forced to make horrible decisions. Whether to stay with their abuser or become potentially homeless,” Campbell said. 

Campbell and other domestic violence victims advocates say getting someone into housing is better for their mental health. It also relieves overcrowding in the shelters. 

The money from Salt Lake County will also be spent on responding to crisis calls. Free mental health services will be offered to children and adults who have suffered from domestic violence.