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Kaysville school zones
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Adults in Kaysville acting like children in school zones

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KAYSVILLE, Utah — Police in Kaysville are reminding people to obey traffic laws, especially in school zones.

One officer took a turn as a crossing guard yesterday as witnessed several infractions, many of them endangering children’s lives.

 Lexie Benson, the Problem-Oriented Policing Officer for Kids, said the city is short-handed of crossing guards right now, so officers are taking turns filling in.

Benson was at Eagle Street and Smith Lake intersection helping kids cross the street when she saw many traffic violations.

“I even saw a woman with a child on her lap, helping drive to school.  He looked to be the age of a first-grader,”  said Benson.

And many people pretended to put on seat belts, taking them off when they thought police officers didn’t see them anymore.

“We stop people all the time and remind them it’s for a reason,” Benson continued. “We want people to be safe and a lot of us work fatal accidents where people haven’t been wearing their seatbelts.  It could have saved a lot of lives so we’re out here trying to make sure everyone is safe.”

These aren’t isolated events, said Benson. “It happens all school year long and you know we’ve got quite a few a crosswalk here in Kaysville and we don’t have enough officers to cover them.”

Benson said officers are trying to monitor all the crosswalks in the city. They will be handing out citations in Kaysville school zones to remind people children are involved in their driving habits. Whether someone is driving too fast, goes through a crosswalk when a guard has a stop sign out or kids not wearing seat belts,  — all those behaviors endanger a child’s life.