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Utahns rank among hardest-working in the US

Turner worker working on drill bit in a workshop (Getty Images)

UTAH —  A new study from personal finance website, WalletHub, shows Utah ranks as the 17th highest state for hard-working people.  

A large portion of that is volunteer work.  Which put the Beehive State number one for volunteer hours worked.

Jill Gonzales, an analyst for Wallet Hub said, “the volunteer rate in Utah is at about 65%.  In most other states, it’s around 30%.”

However, Utah ranks at the bottom for the lowest work-week hours.  That could be one reason a lot of people are taking on more than one job.

“The average amount of hours worked on the job is 45-hours per week in the rest of the country.” said Gonzales, “but Utahns typically only work 38-hour each week.”

The study found Utahns come in 6th highest for residents working multiple jobs. Which also puts Utah as the 4th highest in the nation in employment.

Source: WalletHub

North Dakota ranked as the hardest working state in the union, with West Virginia the lowest.

On average, people in the United States work 1,780 hours per year.  That puts the US 10th highest out 38 countries surveyed.

Mexico shows the most hours worked at 2,137 per year, per employee.  And Denmark the lowest worker hours per year at 1,380.