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Salt Lake City School District sticking with online classes

The Salt Lake City School District will start the school year online, even though the city will most likely move to the yellow risk phase.

SALT LAKE CITY — The Salt Lake City School District says, while it’s not ideal, they will continue holding the majority of their classes online even though the city will move into the yellow risk category

“It’s the safest way to start the year, given the trends in Salt Lake City and in our county over the last several months,” district spokeswoman Yandary Chatwin. 

Last month, the school board laid out the criteria for a phase-in of on-campus classes, and Chatwin says those requirements haven’t been met yet.

“In order for us to come back in person, the positivity rate for new [COVID-19] tests in Salt Lake County needs to be below 5% for seven days. And we need to be below 10 new cases per 100,000 citizens in our county, also for seven days,” Chatwin says. 

Currently, Salt Lake County is around a 9% positivity rate. The school board made their decision last month, but they have also signaled they are open to changing when students can come back to campus when the COVID-19 situation improves. 

As of now though, the district says sports will still be played, and there will be small and special needs classes meeting on campus. 

For now, Chatwin encourages parents to stick with the schedule they have. 

“We’re still moving forward with our plans for remote learning, so we don’t want [parents] to feel like you have to change your plans over the weekend. We’ll still be ready for your students on Tuesday,” Chatwin says.   

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