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Ann Romney to join Michelle Obama in TV special to encourage voting

FILE: Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) sits with his wife, Ann Romney in a hotel room before attending the Republican National Convention on August 28, 2012 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Ann Romney is set to join former first lady Michelle Obama in a prime-time TV special encouraging Americans to get out and vote in the upcoming election, according to a release by ABC.

The hour long special, coined “VOMO: Voting Or Miss Out,” will air Monday, Sept. 14, and will feature several high-profile celebrities — including comedian Kevin Hart as the host. 

“We have a societal responsibility to participate in our country’s democracy,” said Tom Werner, producer at ABC, in a statement. “This nonpartisan special will, through comedy, encourage people to vote this November.”

Ann Romney is the wife of Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) who has been a frequent vocal critic of President Donald Trump. However, Mitt Romney is not slated to appear on the program. 

“VOMO: Voting Or Miss Out” will be produced by ATTN, a company seeking to bridge the gap between comedy and topical issues. 

The special will feature comedy skits intertwined with a “larger than life” musical performance. It will also focus on providing education on voting — highlighting crucial changes caused by the pandemic. 

“Voter participation is in ATTN:’s DNA, and we hope that we can create an event that will speak to all generations, young and old, in a way that shows them that by engaging in the political process, we have an exceptional opportunity to have our voices and values reflected at every level of government,” said ATTN: co-founder Matthew Segal. 

The special comes as misinformation on voting — particularly the issue of mail-in voting — has emerged across social media. As a result, Facebook announced Thursday it would ban new political ads in the week leading up to the election to avoid increased misinformation on its platform. 

The nonpartisan comedy special will feature celebrities like actress Scarlett Johansson, YouTuber Liza Koshy, actor Will Ferrell, Gov. Larry Hogan (R-MD), Cindy McCain and more.