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CDC study warns that young children can transmit COVID-19

Image credit: Getty Images
SALT LAKE COUNTY —  A new CDC study that used data from Utah shows that children age 10 and under can transmit COVID-19 even if they are asymptomatic.
The study is based on three county daycare centers from this past spring and says twelve children acquired COVID-19 in child care facilities.
The CDC used Contract tracing data collected from April 1–July 10, 2020, through Utah’s National Electronic Disease Surveillance System (EpiTrax) to retrospectively construct transmission chains.
A dozen children of all ages got COVID-19 and transmitted the virus to 12 of 46 nonfacility contacts. In one case, it was an 8-month-old who got their mom sick. Another parent was hospitalized. 
Transmission of the virus was also observed from two of three children that were asymptomatic. 
The CDC has not disclosed to the county what daycare facilities these are. 
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