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Rocky Mountain power Utah
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Rocky Mountain Power updates those still without power in Utah

Tree falls on car after the hurricane-like storm that hit Utah on Tuesday.

SALT LAKE CITY — Rocky Mountain Power has provided an update on those still without power Sunday evening, days after a hurricane-like storm hit parts of northern Utah. Wind with gusts of up to 70 mph left thousands without power. 

As of Sunday, there are still 1,605 outages in Utah affecting 8,822 customers. However, over 92% of those affected by the storm have seen their power restored. 

Rocky Mountain Power said it brought in resources from their sister companies in Nevada and Iowa in order to establish power quickly,

Though power is mostly restored in Salt Lake City there are still areas that continue to be greatly affected by the windstorm. 

The power company says they believe there will be some challenges when restoring power to South Ogden and the Uintah areas of Utah. 


When power is fully restored in Utah, Rocky Mountain Power says it plans to reconnect with customers who received damage to their home’s meter base. And they say this process will be faster because Salt Lake County and Salt Lake City have approved expedited reconnections.