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Brain Body Boost
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SelectHealth Launches School Physical Activity Program: B3: Brain Body Boost

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Brain Body BoostThis article about the new B3: Brain Body Boost school activity program is presented by SelectHealth.

SelectHealth is excited to announce the launch of a new school-based physical activity program. And it’s available to fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade teachers and students throughout Utah. This unique program provides new ways for teachers to engage students, boost morale, and improve focus in the classroom. And it makes it fun for students to participate in Utah’s health education curriculum.

B3: Brain Body Boost

B3: Brain Body Boost, or B3, helps teachers bring health education into the classroom while motivating students to be active. It provides teachers with ready-to-use lesson plans and activities that meet state health education requirements. Participation in the program is free. And teachers can even earn school supplies for their classrooms while students compete for grand prizes. Teachers can monitor how their students are doing. And they can even see how their class ranks against other participating classes. The entire B3 program is available online. That makes it an incredibly useful tool for schools that are teaching in a remote or in-person environment.

The Program

B3: Brain Body Balance

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The program focuses on 6 different health “strands” in the curriculum. These strands include Health Foundations, Human Development, Mental and Emotional Health, Nutrition, Disease Prevention, and Substance Abuse Prevention. There are also creative, engaging, and fun activities that go along with each of these strands.

SelectHealth’s mission is Helping People Live the Healthiest Lives Possible┬« and they have developed the B3 program to support a healthy community. B3: Brain Body Boost is without a doubt a  one of a kind program in our state, aimed at creating healthier students, teachers, and communities. SelectHealth is especially proud to offer this innovative program.

Want More Information?

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To sign up or learn more about B3: Brain Body Boost visit or the KSL News Radio homepage. Additionally, if you have questions, please send an email to

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