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old growth trees utah wind, Many SLC parks remain closed for continued cleanup from windstorm
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Many SLC parks remain closed for continued cleanup from windstorm

High winds toppled trees that had stood for decades at the Ft. Douglas Post Cemetery, damaging headstones, fences and ground. Photo credit: Marc Giauque

SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City Public Lands announced on Twitter Monday that many of the parks that were affected by the wind storm last week will remain closed for public safety and to allow crews to continue their cleanup efforts. 

Crews were busy cleaning storm debris throughout the city over the weekend, and cleanup within parks has been focused mostly on the Salt Lake City Cemetery and Liberty Park.

Together, the SLC Cemetery and Liberty park had a total of 324 fallen trees. The cemetery had 255 fallen trees and there were 69 in Liberty Park.

“Only visits to Tracy Aviary and registered Youth & Family participants may enter Liberty Park through designated pathways,” SLC Public Lands said in a statement.

Jordan Park is now open, but visitors will have to avoid areas that are hazardous and which are identified with caution tape.

Reportedly the farmers market at Pioneer Park will resume this week on Tuesday and Saturday.


Parks that will remain closed are as follows:

Liberty Park

Fairmont Park

Sunnyside Park

Lindsey Gardens

Richmond Park

Riverside Park

Washington Square

SLC Cemetery


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