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break in the clouds
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Opinion: Find your break in the clouds in 2020

Storm clouds over southern Utah on July 14, 2018.

This is an editorial piece. An editorial, like a news article, is based on fact but also shares opinions. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and are not associated with our newsroom. 

Someday I may look back fondly on 2020 — The Year of the Global Pandemic.


That’s according to an editorial in the Deseret News published Thursday. The deck on the article reads: Learning to smell roses can be more than a cliche. It is a habit that blossoms into gratitude and happiness.

Let’s review 2020 so far.

January started to wind down when we began to hear about this virus in China. But we thought that it wouldn’t land in the U.S. Then it came ashore and became a global pandemic destroying jobs, businesses and our social fabric. 

Lockdown. Isolation. Quarantine.

Can’t go in to work, can’t go to school. Everyone needs to wear a mask and a new phrase: Social-distance. Which was followed by:

Civil protests over police brutality, which led to riots, fires, shootings.

In Utah, an earthquake erupted. And last week, a historic windstorm flattened thousands of trees and cut power to homes and businesses in northern Utah; the governor declared a state of emergency.

Perhaps, I am being too harsh. Maybe there are things about 2020 that we will look back on fondly. Personal things in our lives.

We have done our suffering collectively. All of us have experienced economic upheaval together. The demonstrations and protests across the nation have pitted one side against another.

I was focusing too much on our collective sorrow; it was grinding me down.

But my wife reminded me that I have witnessed some firsts this past year with our new baby, Piper. The first step learning to walk. The first word spoken.

Other parents have told me that those firsts are gone too fast. All of which happened during 2020 — Year of the Global Pandemic.

The Deseret News editorial board is right when writing in conclusion: 

Yes, 2020 has been challenging. Pandemics are not fun. But we cannot let it define us or this moment. This is not the type of year we expected, but it is the year we are having. Right now, we have no other time period than this in which to find joy.


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