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USU cancels 2021 spring break

Utah State University campus. Photo credit: Deseret News

LOGAN, Utah — Utah State University (USU) has already decided to cancel spring break in 2021 because of the coronavirus.

USU will start a week later, on January 19, and then go straight through to the end of the semester. The University says the announcement was based on safety factors. Specifically, they didn’t want to change or cancel next year’s commencement date on May 6-7.

“Travel is one area where we can, in some ways, at least maintain some level of control,” said university spokesman Tim Vitale.

“We are looking at our students heading to places they typically visit, either going to places that might have higher risks of COVID, or our own students bringing COVID elsewhere.”

Vitale says they expected and understand the negative feedback they are getting because of the announcement.

Students, faculty and staff say they depend on the break or were making plans for it. A petition has started to get Utah State to factor in some time off. 

But, others are praising the university for being cautious.

“We are looking at what’s to come. We are in September in 2020, and talking about Spring 2021. Who knows what the numbers will be. We are taking things as they come, and considering them carefully,” said Vitale.

 “We did think, look we have to make these decisions now in scheduling for spring. Registration day is coming up, so students are going to have to make decisions,” he said.

The University already announced this past summer that classes would be remote after the Thanksgiving break. Face masks and social distancing are required on campus right now, and that is expected to continue in the spring semester.

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