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Woman killed after being hit by multiple vehicles on freeway


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — Utah Highway Patrol says a woman died after she was struck by multiple cars on the freeway. The fatal accident happened on the westside belt of I-215 at 38th South. 

Woman walking on the freeway

Highway officials say they first started getting reports around 12:30 A.M. that someone walking on the freeway was hit by multiple vehicles. Upon arrival, they found an individual dead at the scene.

Officials say at this time it’s still unclear why the woman was walking on the freeway.

“That’s still under investigation,” explains trooper Chris Bishop with Utah Highway Patrol. “That’s why we’re treating it as a crime scene. Based on the circumstances of her being on the freeway and trying to figure out who she is and where she came from.”

He says northbound lanes at 47th South were shutdown for multiple hours due to the accident. A couple of lanes were able to re-open at around 5:30 A.M.

A call from the scene

According to officials, all of the drivers involved in the accident have been cooperating with investigators.

 “I believe it was one of the drivers who struck the individual that called into dispatch, not knowing what had happened,” explains Bishop. “Then multiple calls came in following that initial call.”

The investigation is currently being handled by a couple different agencies.

“We have our major crash investigation team on-scene, as well as our investigators with the state bureau of investigation,” he explains. [They are] trying to piece together what happened and getting a timeline of why this female was on the freeway and trying to figure out what brought her to the freeway.”