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Body of a woman found in South Salt Lake Monday

Police say they are investigating an "apparent homicide" near 300 West and Lawndale Drive in South Salt Lake. Photo: South Salt Lake Police Department

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah — Police are investigating after the discovery of the body of a partially-clothed woman in South Salt Lake on Monday.  The body was found near 300 West and Lawndale Drive, or about 2500 South. By Monday evening, police said they still did not know when the attack against her happened, or how she got there.

Investigators are not releasing a suspected cause of death, but there was enough evidence on the scene to make them call this an “apparent homicide.”

South Salt Lake Officer Danielle Croyle says, “She’s possibly a white female, but unknown extent on her injuries.”

The body was found by a man arriving for work around 7:30 Monday morning.  Officer Croyle said the woman was found in a rear parking lot, and that police had a lot of evidence to sift through between the building and a row of semi trailers parked nearby.

“He located the deceased female in the back parking lot.  He immediately calls police.  He’s being cooperative and working with us,” Croyle said.

Police haven’t been able to identify the woman. Croyle says they hope the Medical Examiner’s Office will be able to do that within a couple of days.  However, they can’t confirm if the victim was killed at the scene, or if she was killed somewhere else and transported to the parking lot.

Investigators also have a lot of questions about when the woman was attacked.  Croyle said most of the surrounding offices are closed for the weekend and no one seems to have seen anything suspicious between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

“We don’t have a specific timeframe on this case,” she said.

Officers are canvassing the neighborhood and searching for any kind of surveillance video that might be able to help.  In the meantime, Croyle said that police hope someone may have seen something as they were passing through the area over the past 48 hours.

“We are asking anybody that may have been out and about in the area, if they know of anything, please come forward and share that information with us,” said Croyle.