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Corner Canyon High School Canyons School District masks COVID
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Corner Canyon High School extends online classes for 2 more weeks

Credit: Paul Nelson

DRAPER, Utah — Corner Canyon High School announced Friday it would extend its online class schedule for two more weeks because of rising COVID-19 cases among students. The school expects to continue a virtual model through Oct. 16. 

There are 48 active COVID cases among Corner Canyon students, according to the school district. Officials say they are monitoring coronavirus case numbers in Draper as well as the student population. 

Corner Canyon High School has conducted online classes for the last two weeks after the school surpassed the 15-case threshold recommended by state and local health officials. The decision to remain online “is in line with a recommendation from the Salt Lake County Health Department,” according to the school.

“Every positive case among students has potential to lead to an exponential number of students on quarantine,” the school said in a note to parents. “At that point, teachers are put in the difficult position of having to teach in-person students while also supporting the students on quarantine who cannot attend class for two weeks.”

While the school will not meet in person, officials are urging students to comply with local health guidelines to limit the spread when they return. 

“Please observe physical distancing guidelines and wear face coverings,” the school said. “Only by working together can we maintain the level of health and wellness that would be required to return to campus.”

Brighton and Alta high schools are also operating through an online class schedule, as well as Draper Park Middle School. However, school district officials say those schools expect to return to in-person classes Wednesday. 

Bingham High School will close Friday and Saturday for deep cleaning, as the school reports 15 active cases of COVID-19.