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Residents raise concern over storm debris pile up in Kaysville

A look at the debris piled up on city land after last month's severe storm. Photo courtesy KSL-TV.

KAYSVILLE, Utah – A big mess of debris has piled up in Kaysville after last month’s monster storm. Residents say they knew it would take some time to clean up, but a month later, in addition to the eyesore, they’re concerned about the danger of the large pile at neighbors backyards.

The problem

It would take months for crews from Kaysville City’s Public Works Department to clean up the pile by themselves. That is why the city said their plan is to hire a private contractor to take on the big job, but work hasn’t started yet.

Neighbor reaction

KSL-TV spoke to one neighbor, Shanna Simkins, whose yard neighbors the eyesore she saw grow bigger and bigger over time as it slowly blocked the view from her backyard.

“It was a constant stream of every kind of vehicle, coming through with loads,” she said.

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“They said [the cleanup would happen in] two weeks. It’s been more than a month now. The neighborhood children ride their bikes and their scooters around here. It’s a hazard,”

The city’s position

Shayne Scott, Kaysville City manager said, “At the very beginning of the windstorm event, we placed some dumpsters out there at that very same site, and they just were overwhelmed.”

The debris is on Kaysville city-owned land, and Scott said this is the last pile of debris in the city and they hope to have it removed by the end of the month. 

“We’ve been working with our own fire department on safely having that debris pile where it is,” Scott said. “Fortunately, it’s got enough space between it and homes and other structures where there’s not a safety concern at this time.”

Scott says he expects crews to begin working on clearing the pile by the end of the week.

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