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Bountiful Mascot
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The future of Bountiful High School’s mascot discussed last night

Lemiley Lane, a Bountiful junior who grew up in the Navajo Nation in Arizona, poses for a photograph at Bountiful High School, July 21, 2020, in Bountiful, Utah. While advocates have made strides in getting Native American symbols and names changed in sports, they say there's still work to do mainly at the high school level, where mascots like Braves, Indians, Warriors, Chiefs and Redskins persist. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

BOUNTIFUL, UT— The Bountiful “Brave” mascot was a flashpoint topic earlier in the year. Community advocates and Native American leaders have been demanding the nearly all-white high school to change the name since July.

Last night, the Davis School District held a “listening session” in the HS auditorium to let the public air their thoughts about whether to keep the Brave mascot or replace it.  Chris Williams, the spokesman for the District, says the turnout was a lot lower than he expected. 

He says 14 people in total showed up to speak.  Granted, Williams says, “we are limiting the input (during the listening sessions) to only current Bountiful HS students, current faculty and staff, and community members (in the Bountiful High system.)”

A bigger issue than perceived waning interest or limited attendees? Probably the Vice Presidential Debate happening in Salt Lake City on Wednesday night. “No question that took a lot of attention (away from the meeting,)” says Williams.

 Of the 14 who showed, he says, 9 were in favor of replacing the Bountiful “Brave” mascot.  The other 5 wanted to keep the mascot.  There will be another listening session next Monday at 6pm in the Bountiful High School auditorium as well.  

Williams says the Principal of Bountiful High has the final say in whether the Brave sticks around.  He expects that decision to be made in early December.