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Pandemic Parking
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“Pandemic parking” in Salt Lake City is ending Nov. 1

Cars in a parking lot.

SALT LAKE CITY— “Pandemic parking” has been around since March. It allowed many people to freely park their vehicles for lengthy amounts of time without being ticketed because parking wasn’t enforced.

In a statement released by Mayor Erin Mendenhall’s office Thursday, it explained “Salt Lake City will resume enforcement of several parking ordinances that were suspended in March.” 

The Mayor relaxed some parking restrictions after the virus hit because people are staying home.  In the statement from Mendenhall, it says, since the shutdowns, “much has evolved in our approach to COVID-19.  Fewer businesses are closed, [and] employers have adapted to safety needs through social distancing and mask-wearing.  Not enforcing parking has resulted in other unintended consequences for neighborhoods and businesses.” 

The ordinances that will be resuming:

• Time Limited Parking on Certain Streets (Ord. 12.56.450)
• Using Streets for Storage Prohibited (Ord. 12.56.520)
• Using Streets for Storage of Motor Homes, Boats and Trailers Prohibited (Ord.
• No Stopping or Parking; Color Markings and Signs (12.56.310B)
• Parking of self-contained recreation vehicles on City streets

The statement notes that through the end of October, those in violation will be given a warning.  Come Nov. 1, the city will start issuing tickets. “Pandemic parking” is officially ending. 

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