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Davis County man finds two ballots in his mailbox

FARMINGTON, Utah – A Davis County man was surprised after he found two ballots addressed to him in his mailbox. Elections officials say, although mistakes like this are rare, it’s a good reminder to call them if something looks off. 

Davis County Chief Deputy Clerk Brian McKenzie told KSL-TV that the problem started when the man reregistered with a different party last week. 

That caused the system to reissue a ballot. 

McKenzie says the system caught the error and voided one of the ballots, but not before the paper copies were sent to the voter. 

However, he praised the man for calling in and also reminded other voters to reach out if they see something wrong. 

“Anytime a voter has a question on their ballot, we strongly recommend giving us a call. Every situation is unique, every circumstance is unique, so if you have a question, give us a call. We have staff on hand that are happy to explain whatever may have happened or who can provide guidance and instructions,” McKenzie says. 

McKenzie says there are a lot of safeguards in the system to prevent fraud, but he also urged people not to try and vote twice. 

“If somebody, by chance, did receive two ballots, only one can be counted, and if both are returned, only one will be accepted,” McKenzie says.

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