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How to water newly planted trees
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Taun Beddes shares tips on how to water newly planted trees

SALT LAKE CITY — When planting new trees the question of how often they need to be watered can come up. Taun Beddes shares some tips on how to water newly planted trees and shrubs. 

How often should you water? 

“It is dependent on how often they seem to need it,” stated Taun Beddes 

How can you tell? 

“All soils are different, and the temperatures during the different times of years are different,” said Beddes. “Once you figure out how often, it becomes easier.”

Beddes recommends digging up different parts of the soil and examining the water intake there to determine where the watering is needed. 

“I have my soil and you can see that it is moist and it does stick together, it is slightly crumbly, at this point it gets a little bit harder for the tree to get water out of the soil,” stated Beddes.

According to Beddes, in the middle of the summer, you can do the same check but you may need to water at least 2-3 times a week.

When it is cooler, every 5-7 days may be sufficient. 

After discovering the method of watering your tree needs watering on a pattern becomes easier

Learn more about how to water newly planted trees: 

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