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Texas Red Oak
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Taun Beddes explains how to grow Texas Red Oak in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Texas Red Oak is becoming more available. On the KSL Greenhouse Show, Taun Beddes explained how it works growing Texas Red Oak in Utah.  Texas Red Oak tends to grow well in limited trailing on the Wasatch Front and has pretty fall foliage.  

“I want to differentiate this from the other Red Oaks,” explained Taun Beddes. 

According to Beddes, this tree is one that we have only tried on the Wasatch front on a limited bases. 

“So far unlike the other red oaks it seems to be more adapted to alkaline soil and tend to be less Maintenance,” stated Beddes. “This would be something more in the bench areas or if you have a well-drained soil then Texas Red Oak would be one that you can try. “

What is Texas Red Oak? 

  • medium sized – 35 feet tall
  • trunks 10″ in diameter
  • can reach heights of 70 feet
  • Dark gray to black bark
  • Found on dry, limestone hills and ridges

Taun Beddes explained that it was assumed that it wasn’t cold hardy here as the Texas Red Oak is native to Texas. 

“So far it has overwintered well, for going on around 10 years,” Beddes explained.  

Where to plant?

Taun Beddes explained that it is best to plant this tree somewhere where there is a good amount of room for it. 

“Well drained soil that isn’t near a lake, you don’t want a lot of salt or alkalinity,” explained Taun Beddes. “If you have a larger backyard, this would be a tree that you could definitely use.”

“It is going to be hard to find it is one of those that you may need to special order,” stated Beddes.” It has limited trialing but so far it has performed surprisingly well.”

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