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Rep. Curtis wins 3rd Congressional race after Thorpe concedes

Candidates for Utah's 3rd Congressional District, Devin Thorpe and John Curtis, debate ahead of the 2020 election.

Rep. John Curtis has won Utah’s 3rd Congressional District after Democrat challenger Devin Thorpe conceded the race Tuesday night. Curtis garnered 68.5% of the vote vs. 27.5% for Thorpe on Wednesday evening with 79% of the vote recorded.

Thorpe conceded the race shortly after initial results were released, posting a statement on Twitter. 

“Minutes ago, I called John Curtis to congratulate him on his victory,” Thorpe said. “While I am disappointed with the outcome, I am grateful to everyone who supported our campaign in any way.”



Rep. Curtis has held the seat since 2017, taking on the seat after serving as the mayor of Provo from 2010-2017. Curtis was re-elected in 2018 with 67.5% majority vote. 

Thorpe, on the other hand, has never held office. But he said he’s considered running for years. It wasn’t until the impeachment of President Donald Trump that gave him the final push to enter the race. 

Partisan lines blur as both candidates switch parties 

The race for Utah’s 3rd Congressional District is unlike any other, as both candidates are fairly similar in several of their stances. 

The reason why? Both candidates have switched political parties over the course of their careers. 

Because of their similar backgrounds, both candidates argued there isn’t such a polarizing difference between the two parties — pointing toward opportunities to work across the aisle. 

The most notable stand the two share is on climate change. Curtis said he does “believe the climate is changing,” and he laments the Republican Party at large doesn’t recognize the potential consequences. 

“I believe I’m the only Republican in the history of the United States who’s actually stood on the House floor with the House in session and told my colleagues that I believe the climate is changing and that man is having an influence over it,” Curtis said during the CD3 debate Oct. 15. 

But Thorpe said the congressman hasn’t done enough to curb the effects of global warming. Instead, the Democratic challenger argued his opponent has voted in favor of increasing the use of fossil fuels. 

“We’ve got to act on climate change,” Thorpe said during the debate. “My promise to you tonight is I will deliver the action.”