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Ogden cancels AMBER Alert, missing infant found safe

(Collin Apke, holding his daughter, Amila Spratley, after she was safely returned. Amila's mother Breesha Spratley, right. Credit: Paul Nelson)

OGDEN, Utah — Police in Ogden canceled an AMBER Alert hours after someone stole a car with a 10-month-old inside, setting off a desperate search for the missing infant.  There was a happy reunion between the baby and her parents, and two suspects are in custody.

According to police, Amila Spratley-Apke was buckled into her car seat in the back of a gray 2008 Acura TL, which was left running in the 200 West block of Patterson Street. Then, someone stole the car. 

missing infant ogden

Photo: Ogden PD

Breesha Spratley was getting ready to leave her home just after ten a.m. when she went back inside her home to use the restroom.  Her daughter, Amila, was still in the car, but another woman was sitting in the passenger seat.  However, Spratley says that other woman went back inside to retrieve something, and by the time they came out of the house, the car, with Amila inside, was gone.

Spratley said the worst kinds of thoughts raced through her mind.

“God forbid, I hate to say it, but, she could be dead.  She could be hurt.  She could be in a ditch.  Anything,” she said.

Fortunately, Ogden’s City camera network was able to spot the car and determine the direction it was heading.  Investigators also saw the car after the two suspects essentially abandoned Amila on the porch of a total stranger.  A neighbor living across the street from that home witnessed this and called the police.

“They just dropped her off at someone’s house,” Spratley said. ” I don’t know how they found out the baby was out there, but, [the suspects] just dropped her off and they left.”

(Weber County Jail, courtesy of Ogden Police)

Investigators sent a photo of the stolen vehicle to every cop on patrol, and it was eventually spotted in Plain City.  Police said the suspects, Angel Jusso and Roddy Montes, led officers on a short chase, but a helicopter was able to follow them.

Ogden Police Chief Steven R. Watt said the suspects were taken into custody shortly after they hopped out of the vehicle.

“Charges are in the process of being reviewed by the Weber County Attorney’s Office.  At a minimum, they will include child kidnapping and auto theft,” Watt said.

Spratley said she’s extremely grateful for the people who cared for Amila after she was left on the porch.

“It’s really awesome that there are good people out there, still,” she said.

Plus, she promises she will never leave the car without Amila, ever again.

Spratley said, “People get murdered.  There are homicides and robberies and no one thinks it could happen to them, but in the blink of an eye, your life can change. So, be mindful of everything that you’re doing.”

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