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Election results: When will we know?

As the vote count drags on for a fourth day, voters are getting anxious to hear election results. As of Friday morning, we still don’t know the results in five states: Alaska (3 electoral votes), Georgia (16), Nevada (6), North Carolina (15) and Pennsylvania (20). 

Depending on which news outlet you ask, Arizona (11) may still be on the table as well. 

The Associated Press called Michigan and Wisconsin in favor of Joe Biden Wednesday, granting the Democrat critical electoral votes. 

As of Thursday, Biden has 253 electoral votes (or 264 if you count Arizona) with President Donald Trump with 214. 

So when will we know? Here are the states we’re waiting on: 


Alaska is expected to be the final state to be called. That’s because election officials report they won’t start counting mail-in ballots or in-person ballots cast after Oct. 29 for another week. 

Despite the late count, the state is expected to turn red with President Trump receiving the three electoral votes. 


Some news outlets, including the Associated Press and Fox News, have already called this race in favor of Biden. However, others are waiting for official results. 

The state was predicted to be called by late Thursday after Maricopa County — which includes Phoenix — releases updated numbers after 7 p.m. MST. But the count dragged on into Friday morning.

As of Friday, Biden is leading with 50% of the vote with President Trump at 48.6%. 


The race in Georgia is tight, as President Trump’s lead as narrowed since initial results from election night. Election officials say they’ll still be counting ballots throughout the day, but may have a call by Thursday evening. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden took a slim lead in Georgia on Friday, pulling ahead by less than 2,000 votes. Some experts say the race is so close, it may qualify for a recount. 


All eyes are on Nevada as voters anxiously await results from the state. Biden widened his lead to 0.7 percentage points on Friday, but the race isn’t expected to be called just yet. 

That’s because the state will continue to expect mail-in ballots through Nov. 10 so long as they were postmarked by Election Day. However, the state will continue releasing results throughout Thursday. 

North Carolina

It may take a while before we see a race called in North Carolina. The state announced it would accept mail-in ballots that arrive through Nov. 12, so it’s likely the race won’t be called until then. 

President Trump holds a narrow lead in the state with 50% of the counted ballots. 


It’s unclear how long it may be until the race is called in this critical state, as there are still several uncounted votes in metropolitan areas and President Trump pushes legal battles. As of Thursday, Former VP Biden held a lead by 0.1 percentage points. 

Votes are expected to be regularly updated, but it’s still unsure when the race will be official.