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Open Enrollment

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point, so having health insurance can protect you from unexpected, high medical costs and offer you the freedom to choose a provider that fits your needs.

Utahns are currently able to sign up for health insurance and may be able to receive financial assistance during the Open Enrollment period for Individual and Family plans.

Shopping for health insurance can sometimes be confusing and stressful. Typically, people get health insurance one of three ways: their employer, through a private insurance company, or from the state or federal government.

Open Enrollment ends on December 15, so you still have time to get enrolled. If you need help, contact Take Care Utah. They connect people with trained enrollment specialists across the state to help them find affordable healthcare coverage and all services are provided free of charge. Go to to get started.

SelectHealth recognizes the benefits of health insurance enrollment as another example of how Utah Gives Back.