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semi-truck spill
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Semi-truck spill dumps load of scrap metal in Salt Lake City

Oct 10, 2020: A semi-truck in Salt Lake City spilled a load of scrap metal after taking a turn too quickly. (Photo Credit: Utah Highway Patrol)

SALT LAKE CITY — A semi-truck spill kept Salt Lake City crews busy for much of Tuesday afternoon, cleaning up a mess on  SR-201 WB at 650 W in Salt Lake City.

The much-traveled I-80 WB to SR201 WB lanes were shut down completely because of the scrap metal that had spilled from the truck. 

Lt. Danny Allen, Utah Highway Patrol (UHP), said the truck “took a corner too fast and the trailer spilled its entire load of scrap metal.” The accident blocked all lanes on the 201 ramp causing delays into late afternoon. 

Lt. Allen said the spill was due to “driver error” and that weather conditions did not contribute. The driver of the semi-truck was wearing a seat belt and UHP spokesman Lt. Nick Street reported there were no injuries. 

At close to 6 p.m. on Tuesday the UHP reported that all of the impacted lanes from the semi-truck spill had reopened.

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