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Utah PTA hoping for new members during challenging year

University of Utah head football coach Kyle Whittingham. (Utah PTA)

SALT LAKE CITY The Utah Parent Teacher Association hopes to recruit new volunteers during a time when new membership is down because of the pandemic.

They have a new video featuring college football coaches from around the state of Utah.


Pandemic restrictions on schools have put limitations on the PTA.  Parents haven’t been able to come into the schools and sign up or help.

“This is something we are concerned about,” said Utah PTA Spokeswoman Amy Choate-Nielsen.

The Utah PTA runs a lot of things that were canceled or do not look the same this year, like back to school night, classroom parties, carnivals, fundraisers, contests and more. 

The PTA also does advocacy work at the legislature.

But some changes may be a good thing. For example, no more long drives around the state for meetings that are now down via video chat.

“It has shifted our way in thinking in some ways. This is more sustainable in the long-term, and more environmentally effective to be more digital,” said Choate-Nielsen.

The Reflections contest is also moving online because of the pandemic, but it could remain that way.  It is now easier for parent volunteers who used to handle lots of physical entries by themselves.

“The entry is kept safe and we can give more immediate feedback. The judging process is streamlined. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive,” she said.

But they are still trying to figure out how they can do the Battle of the Bands safely.

“These programs are long-lasting, even beyond the limitations of this year. We need all the help we can get,” said Choate-Nielsen.