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Skyridge High School students face assault charges in juvenile court

FILE: Skyridge High School in Lehi is pictured on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020. Photo credit: Scott G Winterton, Deseret News.

LEHI, Utah — The Lehi Police Department confirms that charges have been filed in juvenile court following an investigation into an after-school incident at Skyridge High School on Oct. 23.

The incident, as described by the Deseret News, involved two Skyridge High (Skyridge) football players and a videotaped assault of another student, which was later shared on social media.

It is a difficult video to watch. It shows a student approaching a boy who is standing on a skateboard near what looks to be an entrance to the school. The first student speaks a few times to the student on the skateboard, then the student on the skateboard steps off the board.

At that time, another student enters the scene depicted on the videotape and violently hits the student who has stepped off of the skateboard.

Then, the first boy to approach the victim also throws a punch.

Next, the victim, grabbing his ears, is heard to say “sorry, dude,” and the first student is heard to say “don’t do that [expletive] again!” He then punches the victim one more time.

Our partners at the Deseret News confirmed that the two students involved in the assault both play football for Skyridge. 

The Deseret News reports that the video was posted to social media accounts that belonged to Skyridge players. 

An Alpine School District official told the Deseret News they were aware of the video, and that Skyridge officials had “taken action and launched an investigation.” 

According to the Alpine School District official who spoke to the Deseret News, whatever actions taken against the students were dictated by the Skyridge football coach and school administrators.

Late Saturday the principal of Skyridge High issued a statement to parents and students on Facebook: