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Can they cook: holiday recipes from KSL hosts

Food brings people together. Whether you’re eating mom’s special recipe at the family dinner table or sharing buttery popcorn with a date at the movies, food creates a memorable atmosphere.

With holidays soon approaching, tasty dishes often take center stage. KSL hosts Maria Shilaos, Casey Scott, and Rebecca Cressman share some of their favorite holiday recipes. 

Baklava with Maria Shilaos

KSL NewsRadio’s voice of daily updates and weekend greenhouse tips, Maria Shilaos has yet another trick up her sleeve. Homemade Baklava. 

“I make baklava every Christmas and share with my family, friends and coworkers. This recipe was handed down to me from my grandmother and each time I make it I am filled with wonderful memories of her and our time together in the kitchen. 

I love my Greek heritage and sharing my culture with others. My grandmother was a wonderful cook and shared all of her wonderful dishes with everyone she met. I’d like to think that I continue that tradition by sharing my love of my Greek culture and pastries with others as well.  

God and my family are the most important things in my life and holiday traditions are incredibly important to me. I believe wonderful family memories are what keep adult children coming back for the holidays,” Shilaos said.

Baklava made by Maria Shilaos.

Listen to Maria daily on Utah’s Noon News, KSL Greenhouse Show Saturday mornings from 8AM-11AM, or on her podcast Let’s Get Moving with Maria.

Maria’s Baklava Recipe

German Pancakes with Casey Scott

You’ve seen him on TV, and now you can hear him on KSL podcasts. Casey Scott confronts addiction and shares his journey to become a better man on his popular podcast Project Recovery. You can also hear him discuss the funny side of fatherhood on the podcast Dadtastic.

“For years I worked early morning television, and I didn’t really get a chance to have breakfast with my kids. Now that my life has changed and I have mornings off, I’ve developed a little passion for cooking. Not a great passion, but a little,” Scott said.

According to Scott, every single dad needs a couple of things. One hairstyle, if you’ve got daughters, and a handful of recipes. Scott recently made German Pancakes with Brooke Walker on Studio 5, and labeled them as one of his go-to favorites. 

German Pancakes made by Casey Scott on Studio 5.

Casey’s German Pancake Recipe

Sweet Potatoes with Rebecca Cressman

She’s a travel enthusiast, cancer survivor, mom and grandma, and FM100.3’s Christmas Queen. Rebecca Cressman is hitting the kitchen with a recipe perfect for any autumn or winter gathering.  

“For me cooking isn’t about perfection. I rarely write things down and enjoy improvising on recipes. I’ll serve a meal and my kids will ask that I make it again but I usually have no idea what I actually put in there!

“I grew up with sweet potatoes that you bake in a casserole, but this still has a lot of flavor and it’s healthy and super easy to cook,” Cressman said. 

Rebecca recently shared this recipe on Studio 5 with Brooke Walker, and on her Facebook page.

Sweet Potatoes made by Rebecca Cressman on Studio 5.

Rebecca’s Sweet Potato Recipe