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Ogden School District holding all virtual learning day in case of COVID-19 closures
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Ogden School District to hold all virtual learning day in case of closures

The Ogden School District is holding an all virtual learning day on November 24th. It will help students practice in case the district has to move completely online due to COVID-19. (Photo: Ogden High School website)

OGDEN, Utah – Ogden School District spokesman Jer Bates says they want to keep kids on campus as long as possible because it’s better for them academically and for their mental health. But they need to be prepared in the era of COVID-19. 

That’s why the district is holding an all virtual learning day on November 24th. 

Bates says the goal is to work out the technological kinks both big and small if the district is forced to switch to all online learning because of COVID-19. 

“[We’ll be] identifying families who may not realize they don’t have internet access capable for what they need for online learning. Also identifying a student who thinks they know their online password but realizes they don’t,” Bates says. 

Bates believes the Ogden School District has enough laptops to hand out to students the Monday before the all virtual learning day. They will also be giving out internet hotspots. 

“We’ve been able to obtain as many individual portable wi-fi hotspots as possible,” Bates says. 

However, he does not think there will be a switch to all online learning anytime soon.

Currently, Mount Ogden Junior High School and Ogden High School are doing online learning after several people tested positive for COVID-19. 

The state health department recommends moving schools to virtual learning if 15 people test positive for COVID-19.        


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