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The Forgotten Carols
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Forgotten Carols opens in movie theaters

The Forgotten Carols musical (The Forgotten Carols

SALT LAKE CITY– The musical that has been performed live at Christmas time for almost 30 years is heading to theaters. ‘The Forgotten Carols’ opens in movie theaters Friday. It is a tradition for many families. But this year, with the pandemic, it is on the big screen.


Composer and author of the tale “The Forgotten Carols” said he thought when the Broadway musical Hamilton was filmed for Disney+, why couldn’t he film his play, too?

So, Michael McLean channeled his inner Lin-Manuel Miranda and went to work. 

The Forgotten Carols musical (The Forgotten Carols

McLean got permission to film it safely in Cedar City over the summer.

“I don’t know what to call it, but a sequence of miracles happened over and over again that made me think, maybe people need this more this year, than any year I’ve done this,” said McLean.

The story of The Forgotten Carols 

The story is about a nurse named Connie Lou who learns about forgiveness and love through lessons of Christmas time from a patient named Uncle John.

When McLean started this journey years ago, he played all the parts himself and recruited local choirs.

However, he added more help over the years. His son Scott added more to the play and took on the role of Uncle John.

Then last year, McLean had a scare in the hospital. After that, he added new songs and parts because of the lessons he learned.

“The first time I saw this, it was just a couple of days ago,” said McLean in an interview this week with KSL Newsradio. “And it was amazing! Because I’ve never seen ‘The Forgotten Carols,’ I’ve always been in it.”

“I just feel so grateful,” he said. “I can’t wait. I hope people like my present.”

The film has showings scheduled at around 60 theaters in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Canada.

Find the nearest viewing location to you here.