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how to create a succulent Christmas tree
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How to create a Succulent Christmas Tree | KSL Greenhouse Show

SALT LAKE CITY – If you have a green thumb, the winter months can be difficult while you wait to get back into the garden! Luckily there are many projects you can do indoors that can be just as satisfying! This week Maria took on the challenge of creating a succulent Christmas tree! There were many takeaways once the process was complete so tune into the video below to learn how to create a succulent Christmas tree! If you love projects with plants, this is definitely one you may want to take on if you have the patience!


What you need: 


How to start:

  1. This is not demonstrated in the video, but if you choose to use chicken wire you will have to form it into a tree shape. If you do not want to use chicken wire, foam tree displays may be another option. Maria mentions in the video that she does not know how well the succulents will survive if foam is used so keep that in mind when choosing your pattern material. Maria used a foam tree shape to use as a pattern for the chicken wire. 
  2. Cover and fill chicken wire with moss and spray as you go to help it stay in place
  3. Remove succulents from the soil and break apart from the plant to expose the stem and root, to allow it to stick into the moss. 
  4. Purchase floral pins or create your own by cutting down and bending floral wire with gardening shears
  5. Start at the bottom and use bigger succulents first.
  6. Create a hole in the moss and stick the succulent in and secure with a floral pin. 
  7. Use a variety of different succulent plants to keep the tree looking interesting as you work your way to the top. 
  8. Be careful not to break or bruise the succulents as you place them in the moss and the chicken wire. 
  9. Once you have placed all the succulents in the tree, add any additional berries, pinecones, lights, decor, whatever your heart desires!
  10. Once finalized spray the tree down and water every 7-10 days.
  11. Keep in indirect light and enjoy your succulent Christmas tree! 

Watch the video for a more in depth demonstration! 

How to create a succulent Christmas Tree

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