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New daily COVID-19 cases drop, but UDOH says the numbers are wrong vaccine distribution software
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Utah company develops COVID-19 vaccine distribution software

(Steve Griffin, KSL file)

SALT LAKE CITY – Salt Lake City-based Simplus has developed a new distribution software program to help state governments and health departments administer the COVID-19 vaccine

Simplus CEO Ryan Westwood said the Infosys Vaccine Management Solution is based off the SalesForce platform. 

That lets people in charge of distributing the vaccine track the entire process. 

“It’s also supply chain visibility into what they have and when they can administer the vaccine,” Westwood said. 

It also can let users know who has received their shots. 

Westwood believes the software will accomplish three important goals.

“Getting it to the right people at the right time, knowing what you have or don’t have for vaccines,” Westwood said. “And then being able to forecast who needs it, and who has had it and who hasn’t.” 

He feels it will also help save lives. 

“It’s the prioritization. Making sure the right people get the vaccine at the right time, really can be life-saving,” Westwood said. 

For people concerned about medical privacy, Westwood said it will be “100% HIPAA-compliant”. 

Simplus teams worked for three months to develop the vaccine distribution software. 

Although it is not being used by any state governments right now, Westwood is hopeful the company can start speaking with them about the product soon.