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VOTE: Winner winner, Thanksgiving Dinner — Pick a Side in the Appetizing Eight

We asked and you answered! Here are Utah’s final eight choices for your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes.  

Mashed vs. Sweet Potatoes

Pulling in an incredible 80% of the vote, it looks like Utah will side with its neighbor to the north and send the classic spud on to the next round. Mashed Potatoes took the win here.

Jell-O vs. Cranberries

It doesn’t matter if it’s layered or full of shredded carrots, Utahns love their Jell-O and the votes backed that up. The jiggly gelatin advances to the next round with 59% of the vote.

Stuffing vs. Rolls

In what could prove to be the biggest upset of the year, the race between stuffing and rolls was razor-thin. Boiling down to just a single vote, stuffing earned its spot in the appetizing eight.

Green Beans vs. Corn

Stuffing facing off against rolls wasn’t the only razor-thin race; in an exact tie, both green beans and corn pulled in the exact same number of votes. After a coin toss cast the deciding vote, green beans have been declared the winner. 

Gravy vs. Brussel Sprouts

If your plate isn’t covered in gravy on Thanksgiving, are you even celebrating? Apparently not. In a blowout vote, gravy hopped in the boat and sailed to victory with almost 90% of the vote. 

Mac & Cheese vs Cornbread

While corn may have been ousted by green beans, it claimed its revenge in the form of cornbread and narrowly defeated everyone’s favorite comfort food, Mac & Cheese, taking home 51% of the votes. 

Salad vs. Beets

Not even the bears or the Battlestar Galactica could save the beetroot from a thorough tossing by the leafy greens. Securing 88% of the vote, the side salad moves on to the next round.

Casserole Clash

In another close fight in the clash for the most beloved casserole, it appears that the Sweet Potatoes have come out on top. They secure their spot with 50.4% of the vote with a lead of only 2 votes. 

The Appetizing Eight: which Thanksgiving side dishes will advance?

Now we move onto the next round of the vote with our eight new champions.

Cast your vote for your favorite Thanksgiving side dishes below by making a selection in each one of the now four head-to-head battles. Then, hit “Submit” at the bottom. We’ll tally up the results and post them tomorrow along with a new round of voting!

Make sure and follow us on the KSL NewsRadio Facebook page for the results as well as the next round of voting tomorrow.