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And the winner is …. mashed potatoes!

SALT LAKE CITY – There will be no recount. Gravy isn’t contesting the vote.  It wasn’t even close!

In KSL Newsradio’s very unscientific poll, our battle of the bulge-causing Thanksgiving sides, there is a clear winner.

They beat sweet potatoes. And then they beat jello. And then, with an overwhelming margin of 75% to 25%, mashed potatoes crushed gravy. 

Mashed potatoes are the clear winner and they are not looking back. 

When last we spoke, mashed potatoes along with their agent were deep in conversation with Netflix, TikTok, and YouTube.

It was talk about spud money.

It was talk about spud power.

It was talk about spud future.

Congratulations, mashed potatoes. You are the 2020 winner of the KSL Newsradio Battle of the Thanksgiving Sides!


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