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Utah Monolith missing
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Utah metal ‘monolith’ that garnered national attention reported missing

Monolith found in Utah desert. (Photo Credit: CNN)

Just a week after its discovery, the mysterious monolith found amid the red rocks of the Utah desert has been reported missing. The metal contraption has garnered international attention since its discovery last week. 

In its place remains a small pyramid made from rocks and the same material from the gargantuan tower that stood before it. 

The 10-feet-tall steel sculpture was found in San Juan County last week, spurring theories across the country about how it got there. Was it left by aliens? Or was it just an elaborate art project left as a secret for hikers to find? 

Now, the mystery continues. 

Initial reports that the Utah monolith was missing came in late Friday night. However, authorities with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) said they don’t know much more. 


They do know this: Despite rumors that the BLM removed the object, the bureau is not responsible, according to Kimberly Finch, BLM communications director.

These rumors surfaced because officials never publicly disclosed where the monolith was found, out of concern that inexperienced hikers may venture to find it. 

The bureau also doesn’t investigate crimes that happen to private property, which they consider the monolith to be. So even though the monolith was installed on public lands (which the BLM manages), it hasn’t looked into the incident because it’s private property. 

Reports that the monolith was removed circulated on social media Saturday, as adventure-seekers from across the country made the pilgrimage to see the metal tower themselves. But when they arrived, the obelisk had already disappeared. 


It’s unknown who took the monolith. 

*Correction: An earlier version of this story indicated the San Juan County Sherriff’s Office was currently investigating the incident. This is not yet verified.