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Positive News Stories - Heart of Utah
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Heart of Utah: Incredible Positive News Stories From Utah

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Life is hard. More than ever, this year has brought a whirlwind of challenges and negative energy. Everywhere you turn it is easy to quickly find news that brings the blues. But positive news stories are happening around the state, and KSL NewsRadio wants to bring those stories to light.

Positive News Stories in Utah

Salt Lake City - Positive News Stories

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Heart of Utah is a KSL video series focused on smiles – telling the stories of good things happening in Utah. The series had a soft start in April 2020 with videos on YouTube. But now, it’s getting bigger and better with the addition of weekly on-air stories every Wednesday morning. 

Stories span the state and highlight individuals or communities. Amazing people just like you are making incredible strides to improve the lives of those around them. The latest Heart of Utah story focused on COVID response in the Navajo Nation.

Heart of Utah – Navajo Nation Relief

Here’s a story of one man’s effort to bring relief to the Navajo reservation. His efforts have now bloomed into a full-blown charity.

Who’s Behind KSL NewsRadio’s Heart of Utah?

Welcome to Utah - Positive News Stories

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The pulsing force behind Heart of Utah is KSL NewsRadio’s Colby Walker. He feels passionate about the need to spotlight positive news stories. 

“Things feel a little upside down for a lot of people right now and there’s always an onslaught of the sad news that we’re all exposed to. But that hasn’t stopped good things from happening. We started Heart of Utah to try and shine a spotlight on all of the goodness that’s happening around the state. We know that Utah is special and a lot of the good things that happen don’t get the sort of attention that they should. So that’s what Heart of Utah is all about, it’s us trying to share some good vibes, a few chuckles, and some heartwarming content in a world that could use a few extra rays of sunshine,” Walker said. 

Follow along with the Heart of Utah series live on Wednesday mornings at 6:45 AM, on our Youtube channel, or the online articles.

If you have heartwarming tips and stories you would like to see highlighted in this series, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email at