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BYU equipment truck
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Tracking the BYU equipment truck racing to Game Day

Hal and Fili in the BYU equipment truck Thursday while driving cross country for the BYU-Coastal Carolina game on Saturday. Courtesy BYU Equipment Twitter account

ON THE ROAD — BYU suddenly picked up a football game in South Carolina for Saturday, which meant the equipment truck had to book it across the country. Through their travels, they’re also gathering fans along the way as they document their trip. 

It’s 2,200 miles between Provo and Conway, South Carolina, the home of Coastal Carolina University. Google Maps says it’s 32 hours. But it’s more like 40 hours for a semi-truck going at a top speed of 70 mph and needing an hour to refill the huge tank.

Typically for a Saturday game, the truck leaves on a Tuesday. BYU sent the equipment truck out at 9pm on Wednesday, before the game was official, thinking they could always turn it around. They needed to wait until the team was finished practicing, then they loaded up the helmets, pads, jerseys, cleats, game footballs and more and hit the road.

The drivers, Hal Morrell and Fili Taufu took turns sleeping and driving. When Hal was awake and in the passenger seat, he took pictures and video. He signs off, “All is well.”

In fact, Hal put down the phone with a Sports Illustrated reporter to take a picture of the Missouri river.

Fans have used the “Truck Tracker” updates to meet them on the way. Thousands of people were tuning in for live updates from the BYU Equipment Page. Others have honked and waved at the trailer painted in huge BYU blue and white logos.

They got to South Carolina early Friday morning with just a couple more hours to go to the hotel in Myrtle Beach.

Then they had to also meet the team at the airport to load up all their personal bags and equipment, and get set up at the hotel, and make sure everything got to the stadium in time for a Friday afternoon practice.

Hal told the Deseret News they’ve been doing this together for nine years. BYU annually logs the most miles of nearly any college football team, only second to Hawaii. He and Fili have driven to some 70 road games together.

Billy Nixon, who runs the BYU Equipment Twitter page, says after all those two went through this week, they deserve a good meal tonight.

Hal says they were surprised by the attention. They are just excited to watch the game. Look for them on the sideline Saturday.

You can listen to KSL NewsRadio’s live coverage of the BYU Coastal Carolina live tomorrow on the air at 102.7 FM or by downloading our free app. Pregame coverage begins at 1:30 pm MDT.