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What is the best White Elephant gift of 2020? VOTE NOW

We are getting to the bottom of this pile under the Christmas tree and finding out what the best White Elephant gift will be this year. There were some clear winners in last week’s battle and some who barely scraped by. 

Toilet Paper VS. Rubber Gloves 

Among the many other household cleaners in our homes, these two went head-to-head to battle it out. Toilet paper came out on top, favored by a whopping 83% of the fans. Look out everyone, you’ll definitely be seeing this contender at your Christmas parties this year. 

Christmas Decorations VS. Puzzle

The two classic tales of Christmas decorations and a good ol’ puzzle also competed for the crown in this week’s bracket. With a 73% nod from the voters, the classic puzzle crushed Christmas decorations. 

Outdated Map vs. Printer Paper 

There are two things in this world people just don’t need anymore: printer paper and outdated maps (you know, with the digital age and all that.) This round was almost too close to call, but, the outdated map won by just three votes and will move on to the next round. 

Used Candle VS. Old Ticket 

Whether you’re looking for a good old fashioned prank or a soothing scent, both of these used items come in handy once in a while. But 73% of voters agreed that the used candle would move forward in the competition. It’s a classic White Elephant gift that we can’t pass up. 

Socks VS. Jar of Nothing 

An unlikely pair battled for their spot in the next round of best White Elephant gift of 2020. Socks won with 63% of the vote, and advance to the next round.  

Coffee Cup VS. Food 

To quote Ice Age, “food, food, glorious food!” Food of course won the battle between it and the oh so overdone Coffee Cup. 

Used Gift Card VS. Cook Book

There is definitely a trend within our voting group. We would much rather receive a cookbook than a used gift card. There must be a recipe for greatness out there somewhere for the best White Elephant gift!

House Plant VS. Clorox Wipes 

In a shocking turn of events, this one was almost too close to call. However, the famed Clorox Wipes will move into the next round with only 3 votes more than the almighty house plant. 

UPDATED: White Elephant gift bracket 


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