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Dave & Dujanovic: Do you know your money personality?

Is it time to retire the $100 bill and move to a cashless society? (Photo by Joe Raedle/Newsmakers)

SALT LAKE CITY — What is your money personality? Are you a miser or a spendthrift? A money expert sheds light on how to discover your financial persona and perhaps conquer your bad spending habits.

Financial counselor Amanda Christensen with Utah State University Extension joins Dave Noriega and Debbie Dujanovic to discuss the concept of money personality, which goes beyond either “spender” or “saver.”

The six money personalities, according to Amanda, are:

  • Free spirit
  • Giver
  • Planner
  • Targeted goals
  • Spontaneous and
  • Status

A person can exhibit a combination of money personalities, Amanda said.

Analyzing the hosts’ money personalities

Dave turns all holiday shopping over to his wife, closes his eyes and hopes for the best.

Dave said he asks his wife “Are we staying on budget?” just to show he cares.

Under a cloud of guilt, Deb ignores her shopping list, buys way too many gifts for everyone and ends up over budget.

“I shower everyone with gifts hoping they love me more,” she said.

Amanda pegged Dave’s money personality as a “free spirit,” happy not to be bothered by financial details.

Dave agreed, saying “that’s exactly what it is.” 

Amanda said Deb has a “planning and giving” money personality.

Amanda added that different money personalities between spouses can be a great relationship strength in which one can counterbalance the other.

She said the relationship can gain power as both work as a team instead of as individuals with separate money personalities.

Spontaneous and status spenders

Amanda described a “status” money personality as buying expensive cars and clothes that the buyer can’t afford to project an image or send a message of wealth, often called “keeping up with the Joneses.”

“I learned that I have a pretty strong spontaneous money personality” even as a financial counselor, Amanda said.

She adds a personal spending allowance for herself every month so she can spend spontaneously but also guilt free.

“When that pot of money is gone, it’s gone. That’s the rule,” Amanda said. “But it makes me accountable. It helps me maintain some self-discipline. It lets me be spontaneous with money.”

“I love that. It allows you to dip your toe in the pool without getting sucked under by a whirlpool,” Dave said.

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