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Neighbors in South Jordan want home demolished after break in
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Neighbors in South Jordan want home demolished after break in

SOUTH JORDAN — After a Pioneer Day explosion then a second explosion on Halloween, neighbors woke up Saturday morning to a break-in at 3371 West Snow Moon Place in South Jordan.


What happened earlier this year?

In July, the South Jordan Police Department said Ryan McManigal, 42, was responsible for “catastrophic” amounts of peroxide-based explosive material found inside his home.

This all stemmed from an incident where police said that McManigal was suspected to have sent threatening messages to the owner of a local restaurant. 

That incident led to an investigation which ended up in a standoff at McManigal’s house where an FBI bomb squad was involved and residents close to the home were evacuated.

After the standoff was resolved, they found explosives in the basement that had to be ignited due to the danger of transporting them out of the home. 

Then again, later this year in October, firefighters responded to a call at the same address and found a male adult who was in critical condition with lower leg injuries.

Evacuations were issued again to nearby residents as the male was taken to the hospital and the FBI and local police conducted another investigation. 


Neighbors are fed up.

After waking up to flashing police lights due to Saturday morning’s break-in, neighbors say they are fed up with the ongoing activity and police presence at the South Jordan home.

In a statement to KSL, South Jordan says it will demolish the home. 

“This week, the city obtained a bid for the demolition and removal of the home and the city anticipates receiving another bid next week. Our city attorney’s office is working with the mortgage company, which has not recently been very responsive. If we are not able to make progress Monday our attorney’s office anticipates filing legal action in court.”